For the realization of our projects we do not only receive the support of our German sister association, but also of other projects, organizations and persons, which are sharing the same interests as we have. We are very thankful to cooperate with the following partners:

Project Mano Amiga (PMA)

Perfil PMA

Mano Amiga was founded in 2008 as an alternative to respond to different social and ecological problems encountered in Balgüe, Ometepe Island. It creates and implements different projects in the areas including education, healthy living, environment and culture. PMA has similar goals in common with us and the cooperation between PMA and Sanito promises to be  successful.

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Judy Sieffert


Judy is helping Sanito Nicaragua with the Moringa project. Please feel free to read her own words and story:

“The Moringa part of my life started in Balgüe, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua in February 2013. Previously requests from some charities to buy a Moringa tree for African families made the name familiar but not the benefits. Believable research of health benefits of Moringa and personal stories motivated me to get involved in Balgüe, Nicaragua.

And now I can add my own story: In 1990 I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome which sapped my energy and made daily life a struggle. Since I have been adding Moringa to my daily diet, I feel better than I did 24 years ago at age 46.

I live in Canada from April to December and volunteer in Nicaragua from January to March. In Canada I live with my husband on a small farm where I experiment in my garden and visit family and friends.

In Nicaragua I partner with people who ask for help with their own projects to improve life in Balgüe on Ometepe Island. Since 2007, I have worked with a variety of projects – English as a second language, a sewing co-operative, art and craft classes, books for schools, and improving nutrition with Moringa.”

We very greatly appreciate the support of our partners and their confidence in our organization! Thank you for working together with us on the success of the projects of the Sanito Association.