Volunteering in Nicaragua

“Asociación Sanito Nicaragua” invites you to be a volunteer to help out in its different projects on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. Experience in person what is possible when people are working together to make the world a better place! The work of our associations in Germany and Nicaragua is dependent on the efforts of their members and supporters, which are working on a voluntary basis. By this we ensure that donations will not be used for administrative expenses, but will directly benefit the different projects.

To further ensure that we could work on many different projects, we greatly appreciate the help of likeminded volunteers. You could support our current activities and also share any ideas you might have for future projects. We welcome creativity as well as people who have special talents and would like to share them.

If you are interested in volunteering in Nicaragua, please feel free to contact us for any further questions. Just write an email to contact@sanito.org with your ideas, questions, and suggestions.


How you could be helpful here in Nicaragua:

  • Help us to plan and hold informative events and workshops about healthy eating.
  • Perform cultural activities: For example you could lead a yoga-class for adults or a painting course for children.
  • Help us to develop informational materials for both children and adults. We need to create materials for different topics such as healthy eating and exercising.
  • Develop and implement your own project ideas within our project areas.
  • Support our administration – help us to complete the structure and organization of both of our recently founded associations.
  • Furthermore you could teach language classes at our partner organization Proyecto Mano Amiga.

Here you find specific job positions

(Sorry, German only. However, speaking German is not a requirement, whereas Spanish would be quite helpful 🙂

This is what we are looking for in Sanito volunteers

Our volunteers should be curious and open-minded. They should have the positivity and flexibility to be able to work as well as to live within the challenging environment that exists in Nicaragua. A high interest in active involvement is very important as well as competence in communication and teamwork.

A basic knowledge in Spanish would be helpful. If you do not speak Spanish at all, your work will probably be limited within our administration. However, this is a good chance to learn Spanish while staying here with us. There are private Spanish teachers available here.

We recommend you to stay at least four weeks with us. From experience we can tell you: The longer your stay, the more beneficial it will be for everyone.


Your application

If you are now looking forward to volunteering for us, please do not hesitate to apply. We appreciate your help. Just send us the complete application form to contact@sanito.org.

Application form English

Application form Spanish

Application form German

How we support you

You do not have to organize your trip and stay in Nicaragua all by yourself! We will help you for example to organize your accommodation in a hostel, with a local family or to rent a small house. Also we could find a private Spanish teacher for you, who could help you to improve your Spanish or to learn the language before you start working with us. In advance we will inform you about everything you want to know about Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, and what you will need for your time here.

After you have completed your stay with us on Ometepe Island, we can issue a certificate that might be recognized as an internship certification. Please contact your university in advance whether our certificate will be accepted or not