Reduction of ecological risks

This area is dedicated to such environmental risks which are not just harmful to nature in general but also to the healthy living of the population. Such risks arise from different factors: Waste, toxic agents, air pollution, noise, as well as contamination of soil and water. Also external factors such as storms and floods could present such kinds of risk and cause damage to health.

Ometepe Island and its inhabitants are confronted by different ecological risks. On one side the area is prone to floods and landslides during rainy season. This risk is further impacted by human activities such as deforestation aimed for agricultural purposes. On the other side damage to health is caused by a missing waste disposal system and missing waste water treatment. Garbage is usually burned in the yard or while cooking in the open fire. Waste water flows directly untreated into the garden.


Our goal is to overcome the following challenges:

  • Reducing ecological risks to health as presented in domestic areas,
  • Emergency aid after natural disasters.


Our current projects of focus are