Promotion of cultural activities

It is well known, that sports are very potent health promoters. However, also arts and culture in all its facets have positive impacts on the physical and mental well-being. We believe that children, teenagers and adults, who regularly join cultural activities, have a higher chance for a healthy living. That is why we want to promote such activities on Ometepe Island. So far there are not many possibilities to be culturally active.

Our goal is to

  • Support sport teams
  • Support art groups
  • Promote of cultural events for the local population


Our current areas of focus are

Depending on our capacities we want to support different hobby groups on Ometepe Island, such as local football associations, with funds, tangible assets and knowledge. Currently we offer aerobics 3 times a week. Our volunteers could develop with us new activities for different age groups, depending on the volunteer’s interest and talents.