About us

Who are we?

“Sanito – Förderverein für gesundes Leben in Nicaragua e.V.“ is a German non-profit association with domicile in Frohburg, Saxony, Germany. The association is devoted to the promotion of healthy living it Ometepe Island.

We are promoting healthy eating, a sustainable regional food supply, ecological agriculture and comprehensive health care on Ometepe. A partner organization “Asociación Sanito Nicaragua” has already been founded there. Both associations are cooperating very closely. The German association financially supports the activities in Nicaragua and is encouraging the exchange of volunteers and knowledge, focusing on the promotion of healthy living. Also we want to improve understanding among nations and between people from Germany and Nicaragua.

Why the name Sanito? Sano is the Spanish word for healthy, which is the core of our activities. Additionally we want to emphasize, that we are starting with small steps to reduce the burden of the poorest. That is why we chose the diminutive form of sano – sanito.

Our Mission and vision Hände groß Transparent

We want to act as a reliable partner in promoting healt care on Ometepe, Nicaragua.  We care for the physical, mental and social well-being of local people. They should have a healthy lifestyle and that is why we want to help them by supporting their human right to healthy living.

Our goals

  • Promotion of healthy living in Nicaragua, which is linked with improvement in quality of life
  • Awareness raising in Germany about the existing global differences in the area of health care, especially with the example of Germany and Nicaragua

Our Principles

The principles of our association are the identity on which our work is based. The following principles are followed:


By this we understand that every project will be organized in a transparent manner and we will publish all information about our finances. For example the volume of donations and their distribution within the different projects will be communicated publically. Also we will share information about the goals and measurements of the projects. During implementation and afterwards we will evaluate them.


All procedures and projects are based on the three main dimensions of sustainability: environmental, economical and social. By this we want to establish long-term solutions. We always consider the most social and environmental adequate path while taking into account possible economic procedures.


Fair behaving of all actors involved is a comprehensive principle of our association. It characterizes the internal and external relations in Germany (for example with donors and supporters). Concurrent fairness is always applied in cooperation with our international partners.

Sovereignty of our partner organizations

Our partner organizations, first and foremost “Asociación Sanito Nicaragua“, work independently. The local population is responsible for the planning and implementation of the projects. However, to control the projects’ viability a member of the German association will be regularly on-site. This member is also available for consultation and support for the projects. This will also encourage the communication and cooperation between the partner organization and the German association. Furthermore, we want to ensure, that only projects with realistic goals will be undertaken.

Voluntary Engagement

The work of our association is dependent on the efforts of members and supporters, who are working on a voluntary basis. By this we ensure that donations will not be used for administrative expenses, but will directly benefit the different projects.